Empowering mobility with AI
for a sustainable future


Holoscene SensorFusion
with Edge_AI

Unlock the potential of smart mobility with the Holoscene SensorFusion E-bike. Equipped with Edge_AI, it features game-changing on-board AI, offering faster processing speeds, reduced latency, and enhanced privacy by processing data locally. This enables real-time decision-making and improves the performance and reliability of applications requiring immediate responses. Designed for giving data scientists and developers full-stack control, the Holoscene SensorFusion empowers innovation and excellence in transformational mobility AI, all with a focus on sustainability.

BOREAL Holoscene_RT Platform

Jumpstart your journey into Smart Mobility AI

You now have all that you need to quick start the transformational power of AI on mobility. The BOREAL Holoscene_RT platform is based on architecture that has at its core a GPU-powered purpose-built e-bike with V2x connectivity, vehicle actuation, multiple sensors and Edge Computing. Thanks to Edge Computing gives the ability to run your AI models on vehicle.

Experience now what the future of smart mobility has in store. Leverage the power of Edge AI and live the moment when cycling and the future fuse together. Code the future. Ride the future.

Holoscene SensorFusion

Unlock the potential

Explore new ways to work with computer vision and perception, create new experiences based
on state-of-the-art sensor fusion that captures in real time the essence of every situation and every ride.
Bring to life your ideas like never before with onboard AI Edge Computing.

The most powerful bike computer ever

Our platform, Holoscene_RT, revolutionizes urban mobility by harnessing the power of AI on a two-wheeled vehicle of choice. Featuring the most advanced GPU-powered bike supercomputer on the market, it delivers high-performance, energy-efficient AI solutions at the Edge. Whether for commuting, last-mile delivery logistics, smart city applications, or research, Holoscene_RT offers unparalleled versatility and efficiency for every imaginable use case, while providing the expected speed and privacy to your applications.

Get a head start

From advanced AI/ML models to comprehensive datasets enriched with active mobility telemetry and naturalistic cycling data, you’ll have everything you need to dive into the subject quickly . Together with our partners, we are creating the perfect ecosystem so you can get more out your future intelligent mobility endeavours.

Build on an Open Ecosystem

By building on ROS2 first, then embedding a powerful NVIDIA GPU-powered Edge Computer to the platform, we’ve added power and acceleration to your favorite tools and libraries. With Holoscene_RT, you’ll be able to explore, develop, test, integrate and implement tomorrow’s Edge applications today.

ROS is a trademark of Open Robotics.

Create Onboard AI Edge Apps

Discover rapidly why the whole is greater than the sum of all parts. Your efforts could radically improve road safety by introducing features such as collision avoidance. Create the AI-enabled Edge apps that prioritize Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs).

Real-time Connectivity

From V2x to C-V2X, the Holoscene_RT has one of the most complete connectivity solutions in the industry. Holoscene_RT is built by design for functionality and interoperability.

Customer Stories

Salzburg Research Bike2CAV

Networking and automation of vehicles offer a great opportunity to increase the safety of cyclists. A consortium led by the Salzburg Research Research Society is working on innovative technologies to protect vulnerable road users. The focus is on options for cooperative detection of collision risks as well as non-distracting warning concepts.

Photo credit: Salzburg Research ©


Our platform plays an active role in providing key data for the SAVeNoW research project undertaken by DLR. The project explores the construction and operation of a digital twin for urban traffic, using Ingolstadt as an example. In virtual simulations, for example for individual traffic situations, individual traffic behavior or completely new mobility concepts are examined  and  changes are simulated to see how they can affect important KPIs related to traffic safety, emissions and efficiency.

TU Delft SenseBike

Funded by the TU Delft Climate Action Call, the SenseBike captures sensor data for sustainable solutions. Implemented by Bachelor and Master students, it uses lidars, cameras, IMU, and RTK to detect objects like cars and pedestrians. The data helps study cyclist behavior in urban environments. The SenseBike performs simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) and lidar segmentation, creating a semantically labeled campus map. This information identifies unsafe environments for cyclists and aids in designing more livable cities.

Photo credit: TU Delft  ©

When cycling and intelligence become one

With the Holoscene_RT Platform, you now have the means to bring cycling to a whole new level. Welcome to the age of Cycling Intelligence. Smarter and more powerful with built-in privacy by design.

Holoscene SensorFusion E-bike
with Edge_AI

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